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Dubuque Brewing & Malting Company

Published on June 6, 2014 By admin

Photo: The exterior facade of the Dubuque Malting Company, also known as Dubuque Brewing Company and Dubuque Brewing & Malting Company. The iconic midwestern cities Milwaukee and St. Louis are synonymous with domestic beer production. Schlitz, Pabst, Miller, Anheuser-Busch, and other big-time operations have been around since the 19th century. Facing growing competition the Heeb, Iowa, Western, and […]

Henry River Mill Village

Published on December 7, 2013 By admin

Photo: Some of the remaining homes in Henry River Mill Village. Nestled on the banks of a winding river just outside of Hildebran, North Carolina are the greyed remnants of a blue-collar community. The sound of rural silence is intermittently broken by passers-by who point out the windows of their vehicles, making note of the […]

American Urbex E.17 – Barber-Colman Company

Published on March 11, 2012 By admin

The legacy of a humble inventor who preferred to build the American Dream from behind the scenes. Take a moment to donate to American Urbex: Southern Slide. Subscribe to the American Urbex Podcast on iTunes and YouTube. American Urbex on Flickr American Urbex on Facebook American Urbex on Twitter

American Urbex E.12 – Richman Brothers

Published on December 19, 2011 By admin

The Richman Brothers took great pride in both the quality of their product and the workplace in which it was manufactured.  Subscribe to the American Urbex Podcast on iTunes. American Urbex article on the Richman Brothers. American Urbex Group on Flickr American Urbex on Facebook American Urbex on Twitter

Wyman-Gordon Power Plant

Published on April 29, 2011 By admin

Photo: Power plant for what was originally the Ingalls-Shepard Forging Co. In 1910 seasoned manufacturing veterans F.A. Ingalls and Charles C. Shepard partnered to create the Ingalls-Shepard Forging Co. in Harvey, Illinois. Ingalls took up the mantle of President and treasurer, while Shepard acted as Vice President. The company produced a wide range of parts […]

Presenting the American Urbex Podcast

Published on April 20, 2011 By admin

American Urbex is a means to motivate myself to get out the door and explore new places. Unfortunately… or fortunately depending on your point of view… there are only so many urbex locations to explore nearby. Because I do not have unlimited funds does not mean that I am limited when exploring new things. One […]

The Damen Silos

Published on January 16, 2011 By admin

Photo: The state of Illinois would like to move this property that sits opposite downtown Chicago. The colloquial “Damen Silos” harken back to an era when Chicago was a big player in the grain trade. The land on which the grain elevator lords over has been in use since the early 1800’s. In 1832 a […]

Brach’s Candy Factory

Published on January 11, 2011 By admin

The monumental Brach’s candy factory in Chicago is a crumbling shrine to “The World’s Candy Capital.” Perhaps more appropriately though, the colossal factory is a tombstone marking the agonizing death of the American Dream. The factory is a well-known urbex location in the greater Chicago area. It was a great thrill to finally get to […]

More Barber-Colman

Published on December 27, 2010 By admin

Barber-Colman Factory

Published on December 23, 2010 By admin

The abandoned 65-acre Barber-Colman factory complex is a sprawling 795,000 square foot facility that is currently under demolition by the city of Rockford, Illinois. When I first discovered the site I had no idea that it had such an engaging history. Many of the things we consider modern conveniences were developed by the man who […]