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Alexian Brothers Novitiate

Published on February 17, 2013 By admin

Photo: All that remains of the Alexian Brothers Novitiate. The well-to-do widow of lawyer F. M. Peters, Mrs. Jennie Peters, dearly loved her daughter. In the latter portion of the 1930’s architects John King and Gordon Feldhausen were tasked with creating a unique building just for her. Unlike the farmhouses, barns, and silos typical for […]

American Urbex E.12 – Richman Brothers

Published on December 19, 2011 By admin

The Richman Brothers took great pride in both the quality of their product and the workplace in which it was manufactured.  Subscribe to the American Urbex Podcast on iTunes. American Urbex article on the Richman Brothers. American Urbex Group on Flickr American Urbex on Facebook American Urbex on Twitter

Richman Brothers

Published on August 28, 2011 By admin

Photo: The massive Richman factory was once the most advanced clothing factory in the US. Over the past decade large American corporations have reported record breaking profits hand over fist annually. These astronomical profits, however, have not translated into more American jobs. In fact the trend is working in a counter-intuitive direction. Job security, retirement […]

Dixie Square Mall

Published on April 25, 2011 By admin

  Photo: One of the entrances to the famous Dixie Square Mall. After World War II the newly minted American middle class became emboldened by prosperity and moved further away from city centers into suburbs. Larger homes, new automobiles, televisions and all sorts of consumer goods all became part of the conspicuous consumption norm to demonstrate […]