Edward C. Brown

Roaming around the United States in search of things typically not found in travel guides takes time, energy and resources. American Urbex recognizes those who have contributed to the efforts of this webpage. Thank you for your contributions and ongoing support.

IndieGoGo Fundraiser:

Please visit the IndieGoGo American Urbex Project Page to contribute.

American Urbex thanks those who have contributed anonymously. American Urbex also recognizes the following individuals for their contributions to this project.:

Brett Stoddart

Thanks ($1+):

Special Thanks ($5+):
Rick Dolishny

Urban Explorer ($10+):
Paul Bennett
Matt Elbe
Kelly Hirosky-Wilhelm
Matt Nicklas

Urban Trailblazer ($50+):
Nick Forslund
Justin Fager

Urban Astronaut ($100+):
Phillip Fischer & Lindsey Abendschein
John Sagehorn

Heartfelt Thanks:

Kaela Lindquist – For being overly concerned (rightly so) about my safety.
Dr. Wade-Sirabian, Dr. Lareau, and Dr. Deegen – For sending me to Germany, where I stumbled across my first urbex sites.
Dr. Schroeder – For allowing me to create Wisconsin Urbex for a grad course.
Dr. Zarinnia – For identifying my converging passions and urging activism.