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Dixie Square Mall

Published on April 25, 2011 By admin

  Photo: One of the entrances to the famous Dixie Square Mall. After World War II the newly minted American middle class became emboldened by prosperity and moved further away from city centers into suburbs. Larger homes, new automobiles, televisions and all sorts of consumer goods all became part of the conspicuous consumption norm to demonstrate […]

Chicago Skyline

Published on January 10, 2011 By admin

Ahhh… Chicago. I just couldn’t wait until I did a writeup on this location to share this photo.

Ghosts in the Hollow

Published on September 9, 2010 By admin

Ghosts in the Hollow from Jim Lo Scalzo on Vimeo. Video spotted on io9.

Abandoned Ford Truck in La Grange, WI

Published on July 5, 2010 By admin

Wisconsin is blessed with a dearth of old barns throughout the countryside. Driving from my home to Madison, Milwaukee, or Green Bay means I’ll pass one eventually. Taking a few minutes to explore the backroads often leads to fantastic findings. Above is a beautiful old Ford truck that appears as though it hasn’t moved an […]