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American Urbex Podcast E.10 – Emerson School

Published on September 4, 2011 By admin

Exploring the history of Emerson School in Gary, Indiana begs an important question about what is taught in schools. Subscribe to the American Urbex Podcast on iTunes. Emerson School – American Urbex article on Emerson School Emerson School – Flickr Set American Urbex Group on Flickr American Urbex on Facebook American Urbex on Twitter

Streetcars of Grand Rapids

Published on May 3, 2011 By admin

In this short video, Grand Rapids native and amateur historian Fred Quillin discusses the world-class electric streetcar system that used to drive the city economy. In the mid-20th century the automobile industry purchased the streetcars and dismantled them. In the video Quillin makes an impassioned plea to Grand Rapids voters to reinvest in a streetcar […]

Horace Mann High School

Published on August 29, 2010 By admin

Photo: The main entrance to Horace Mann High School boarded up. The now abandoned Horace Mann High School served the Gary community from 1928 to 2004. ┬áThe building takes its namesake from the progressive education reformer Horace Mann who advocated many of the things taken for granted in modern schools. As editor of the Common […]