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Ravenswood Hospital

Published on November 22, 2011 By admin

Photo (source): Ravenswood Hospital as it appeared in 1945. The American healthcare system is for profit. American citizens’ health, safety, and well-being are managed by large companies looking to stay in the black. The other democracies and various forms of government in industrialized nations have recognized the danger that this poses to general public. While […]

American Urbex Podcast E.09 – Edgewater Medical Center

Published on August 21, 2011 By admin

This week the American Urbex Podcast delves into one of the biggest cases of Medicare fraud in US history. Subscribe to the American Urbex Podcast on iTunes. Edgewater Medical Center article on American Urbex Edgewater Medical Center on Flickr American Urbex Group on Flickr American Urbex on Facebook American Urbex on Twitter

Mike Tyson Mansion

Published on August 11, 2011 By admin

Photo: The Tyson emblem on the basketball court on the property. Southington, Ohio is one of those places where everything a small American community needs is on one corner. The US Post Office, fire department, county clerk, church and convenience store are all within plain view of each other. When I pulled into Southington with […]

The Purple Hotel

Published on May 6, 2011 By admin

Photo: You can’t miss the regal facade of this building driving on Touhy Avenue. According to one Chicago area native, the construction crew of the 293 room Lincolnwood Hyatt House were supposed to receive a shipment of blue bricks for the building facade. It isn’t clear if  a communication or manufacturing error is to blame […]