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UW-Whitewater Civil Rights Tour

Last year I visited the National Civil Rights Museum while vacationing in Memphis, TN with my partner. On the long car ride home we got to talking about what a profoundly positive experience it was and how it would be great to offer that experience to students. During a meeting at she threw out the idea and, what do you know, it took root. I am extremely proud that my partner was able to take on such a massive undertaking, and with the help of committed others, make it a reality.

For the low, low cost of $225 UW-Whitewater students are going on a weeklong tour of some of the nation’s most important Civil Rights destinations.┬áParticipants on the trip will be sharing their thoughts, photos and blog links along the way (Facebook login required). For some participants it is an educational opportunity that would not be within their financial means without the generous subsidies committed to this project. This is an excellent education opportunity that will be much more engaging and memorable than any textbook can offer. With so much focus on education cuts in Wisconsin and across the nation, it is important to remember that this would not be possible without funding from taxpayer dollars. I hope that students carry the lessons from this trip with them the rest of their lives. I hope that as responsible citizens they hold onto their rights, defend them when threatened, and make it possible for others to learn how important they are.