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Do you have photos taken in the United States of urbex locations? Share them in theĀ American Urbex Flickr Group.

Untitled by .tom troutman. – A beautiful blend of light, shadow, and decay. The shade of blue really caught my eye.

Untitled by urbandecay. – The reflection of these vintage television screens is amazing.

McKenzie Archive
McKenzie Archive by Sandra Herber – The wave-like warping of the basketball court brings motion to an otherwise static and symmetric shot.

Power Plant
Power Plant by hoodwatch – A beautiful exterior shot of the Hudson Generating Station. I lost myself for about an hour scouring hoodwatch’s amazing photostream.

American Hotel - Chairs, 2010
American Hotel – Chairs, 2010 by – This is now one of my favorite images of all time added to the group. I love the subdued patriotism.