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Untitled by Alex Vetri

The regal architecture left behind in Detroit is astounding. I really need to get around to going there sometime soon. The piano and hints of furnishings whisper of the former splendor of this room.

Out of Aisle

Out of Aisle by eholubow

Wow. After I saw this photo and visited the location, I have to say that Eric really has done a wonderful job teasing the color out of this setting.

Untitled by farenough

No more fun will be had at this amusement park.

Lace Company

Lace Company by Filth City

I’m a sucker for bowling. The simple geometric balance of this photo is a great addition to American Urbex group.

Lace Factory

Lace Factory by hoodwatch

Awesome shot guys! I’m glad to see your not exploring these places alone. I would really like to shoot at a bowling alley sometime.